Anti-social Knitters Club

Knitting Blog Challenge Day 26

Have you ever been a part, or wanted to be a part of a knit-a-long? What was it? If not, why?

I have never done a knit-a-long. I’ve seen them around but they never really interested me, especially the mystery knit-a-longs. I like to know what I’m making before I start making it. I can see where the group deadline dynamic would be helpful for some people, but I don’t often need motivation to knit. I also don’t see myself enjoying ‘knit nights’ or stitch and bitches. I just have too much social anxiety to enjoy that kind of a situation, especially going into it cold. I don’t really hang out with any other knitters. I use knitting as a way to check out most of the time – putting myself in those situations would basically have the opposite effect I’m going for.

Are Anti-Social Knitting Clubs a thing? Can we make it a thing? Like we all just binge watch the same season of something at the same time from the comfort and safety of our beds and couches?

Short one today, but I’m almost through all of the prompts. I can’t believe that tomorrow is already December (and also my birthday…). I’m really not a birthday kind of person, in fact I rather dread them.


3 thoughts on “Anti-social Knitters Club

  1. I think I might just second this idea. I think about joining KAL’s, and there is a group of ladies in my town that meets each week for knit night that I have thought about. The thing is, I enjoy sitting in my jammies watching shows and movies. I’m not sure I would enjoy sitting in some fancy little bed and breakfast in a hard high back chair sitting with people I don’t know. Also I have WAY too many wips on the needles..and I never know what I will be in the mood for that night. My knitting is for sure a way for me to relax, and I feel like if I take it to that next level, it might take all the comforts away. Great thoughts and glad there are more people like this out there!

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