Here goes nothing…

After having my entire life flash before my eyes two weeks ago (don’t worry it was just my computer taking a giant shit – but it’s fixed now!) I made the decision to finally, actually, really start blogging. Over the years I’ve left a trail of abandoned blogs scattered throughout the internet but third (fourth? fifth? twelfth?) times the charm, right?

At this point my brain wants to work on so many projects and do so many things that I can’t even pick something to focus on. Should I knit like crazy? Should I make a million quilts? Should I pick all the black walnuts on my driveway and dye everything brown? Should I start playing Skyrim? Hopefully I’ll be able to harness some of this mental energy and get something done.

Follow along with me and maybe see some insider information on my design process, maybe learn how to do some cool things, maybe even get really excited about the history of textiles. Who knows? I can guarantee cat pictures though.



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